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The Bad Lab Brand

Grady and Jetty_edited.jpg

Bad Lab Apparel originated in the custom screen print and embroidery space. The name was inspired by the two labs that we rescued, Grady and Jetty. Grady enjoys naps and Jetty enjoys fetching and swimming. We had a logo created for our custom side of the business utilizing Grady and we fell in love with the finished product. Fellow dog and lab lovers asked if we could put the logo on products for them...and that is where the Brand started. We are still emerging in the market of a clothing brand and we appreciate your support. Whether you love labs, dogs, or think our designs are cool; check out our online store. We are constantly working on releasing new products. Our goal is to provide a brand that resembles an active and fun lifestyle, with comfortable products.

We also launched a small batch coffee brand, Bad Lab Brews! Be sure to check out our delicious coffee selection shipped directly to your house!

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